Coaches Corner Lunch & Learn

These casual lunch & learn events are a great opportunity for Coaches and Sport Administrators to learn from presenters in various fields and network with other coaches. We meet every 2 months, usually on the 2nd Thursday of the month. There is no fee to attend; however, if you'd like a bite to eat, that's on you. We wish we could treat our community coaches to lunch every time we meet!!

Every event is at our Community FoodStuff Program Partner location, Frick and Frack Restaurant & Taphouse:

577 Victoria Street
Kamloops, BC





2020 Dates & Presenters

March 12th - Grant Writing for Sport Organizations with DANALEE BAKER

Join us March 12th as United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo Executive Director Danalee Baker shares her expertise on grant writing and how coaches and sport administrators can apply this to their grant writing projects.

Born and raised in Kamloops, Danalee has travelled and worked around the world and across the province. Deep local roots and a broad world view sustain both her work and her personal life. As the mother of two young children, Danalee considers the Thompson Nicola Cariboo region not only a great place to work, but a great place to live, play, and raise a family.


Jan 16th-Navigating the Coaching World with GUY CHARRON

Join us on January 16th as former NHL player and coach Guy Charron reflects on his career, discusses how to navigate the coaching world and how modern coaching has evolved.

Guy Charron spent 12 seasons in the NHL as a player before transitioning into the world of coaching. His extensive coaching career has seen him coach at the junior, WHL, NHL and Olympic levels. We are so lucky to have him come in and share his knowledge with us!


2019 Dates & Presenters

Nov 14th- Long Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity with DREW MITCHELL

Join us November 14th as Sport for Life's Director of Physical Literacy Drew Mitchell discusses the new Long Term Development in Sport & Physical Activity 3.0 model. Be sure to bring questions as this is sure to be an interesting conversation!

The new Long Term Development in Sport and Activity 3.0 model was just released by Sport for Life. The LTD is a framework for the development of every child, youth, and adult to enable optimal participation in sport and physical activity. It takes into account growth, maturation and development, trainability and sport system alignment.

Sept 26th-Coaches Week Appreciation Event with MARK PENNINGTON

Join us Sept 26th for a special Coaches Week edition of Coaches Corner and help us welcome new TRU Women's Soccer Coach Mark Pennington to Kamloops. Native to Newscastle Upon Tyne, England, Pennington played professionally before transitioning to coaching. Before coaching at TRU, Pennington was assistant coach with the UBC Thunderbirds, helping them take the Canada West title and silver at the CIS nationals in 2016. Pennington's time with TRU has already been a successful one, leading the squad to a 4-2 preseason record.

Join us as Mark discusses the European vs Canadian sport systems, the transition from player to coach, coaching at the varsity level and much more!


With Michelle Webster

Many coaches are still navigating the many facets of diversity as the learning continues for overall inclusion. We will explore the learnings in coaching a diverse group of athletes, which some may be Indigenous in our sport clubs and groups. Michelle Webster from the Namgis First Nation, will walk through the culture, values and lifestyles of Indigenous populations and how we can be the best coaches that provides a supportive environment for all. Join us on May 9th and bring questions for open discussion! This is sure to be a great conversation!


With Holly Eburne, Physiotherapist and Life Coach

Holly’s talk will cover the emotional component of coaching—the container through which the fitness, skill development, strategy, and physical training happen. It is, perhaps, the most undervalued and underutilized aspect of coaching, and can either support or interfere with the other components.

Inside Out is about the art of coaching that can’t be learned from a book. It is about a coach doing the inner work necessary to be a steady rudder for their athletes. They must be willing to tap into their own emotional feelings and vulnerabilities to develop authentic, unconditional relationships with their athletes. It allows the coach to provide an environment where the athletes are motivated to succeed for themselves (versus the coach), where the athletes support each other (collaboration versus competition), and where they feel safe enough to fail, and learn from it.

Questions: 1. WHY are you coaching? 2. What are your relationships with your family, friends and self?


with Linda Stride, Recreation, Health and Wellness Supervisor Community and Protective Services, City of Kamloops

The results are in! The City of Kamloops conducted surveys in 2018 to create a Recreation Master Plan for Kamloops. This important planning document will help guide the delivery of recreation services in the city and provide refreshed priorities for investment into facilities and programming. Join us on Jan. 24th as Linda Stride, City of Kamloops Health & Sport Development Supervisor, takes us through the results that have been compiled by the consultants.

2017 Dates & Presenters

with Greg Kozoris, Exercise Physiologist and owner of Acceleration Kozoris Strength & Conditioning

 Discussion will explore a trending hot topic on why personal trainers /strength coaches/any trainer, working with athletes in small, large, or one-on-one one settings, may in future have to meet government and national credential expectancies/standards when strength training all groups. Who are the governing bodies with the qualifications to oversee licensure, if mandated? How will licensure be implemented and regulated? Join us! This one is sure to be a great conversation!


SEP 28th - ATHLETE RESILIENCE (Coaches Week Appreciation Event)
with Scott Clark, TRU Basketball Men's Head Coach

What the best athletes and the most successful people have in common is not that they do not make mistakes. They all do. However, they have an incredible ability to recover from these mistakes. Simply stated, it is the ability to bounce back positively after a mistake, mishap, loss or ANY negative situation. What is critical to realize, is that resiliency is not a personality trait or behavioral style. Resiliency is a skill anyone can learn.


with Shaunna Taylor, Sport Psychologist, PhD.

Creating team unity isn't just about the athletes; it is also critical to engage the team in the stands cheering them on. Sport Psychologist, Shaunna Taylor, will discuss how properly engaged and educated parents are a vital component of team and club culture and make for great coaching allies!


with Earl Seitz, CFJC-TV Kamloops Sportscaster

How can you work together with the media to better promote your sport group and initiatives in the community? Learn what the media needs from you and enjoy a few stories from Earl too!


with Dave Freeze, Mental Trainer





2016 Dates & Presenters

with Ken & Arlene Olynyk

  • tools for transitioning from being an unknown athlete, to a known higher profile athlete
  • issues with social media; some of the lessons learned as they go
  • A great article about Ken & Arlene, their coaching roots and how it's been helpful as parents raising their own family of very successful athletes; read more here

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