Teaching and Learning
8:30am - 4:30pm

The Teaching and Learning Module focusses on teaching coaches how to assess your own beliefs regarding effective teaching; analyze certain coaching situations to determine if they promote learning; create conditions that promote learning and self-esteem through: appropriate consideration of the affective, cognitive and motor dimensions of learning; the use of words and methods that relate to an athlete’s preferred learning style; a sound organization; active supervision; and the use of well-formulated feedback offered at the right time and with the right frequency; and to use teaching assessment grids to gather objective information on teaching effectiveness, and use this data to develop an action plan to enhance your own effectiveness as a teacher and coach.


Other Modules being offered as a Part B Bundle with Teaching & Learning Include:

Mar 5- Basic Mental Skills
9:00am - 12:00pm

The Mental Skills Modules teaches coaches how to recognize signs indicating that an athlete may need to improve his/her goal setting, focus, and anxiety control skills; and develop tools to help the athlete to make improvements in these areas; and run simple guided activities that help athletes improve basic mental skills.

Mar 5 - Design a Basic Sport Program
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Coaches trained in Designing a Basic Sport Program will be able to create a sound outline for your sport program that includes competition and training events; compare your program to those outlined by the NCCP in terms of long-term athlete development; assess the athletic development opportunities your program offers, and identify ways to remedy any weaknesses; interpret the information in a sample program, identifying training priorities and objectives at certain periods; and establish a link between your program’s training objectives and the content of practice sessions.


If you require other/full bundle of courses, coaches can register as follows:

267085 - Basic Mental Skills ($45)
267086 - Design a Basic Sports Program ($50)
267083 - Part B 3-Module Bundle ($125)


Course ID: 267084 Register at (250) 828-3500 or www.kamloops.ca/ezreg