The gym of exercise physiologist Greg Kozoris, one of the most well certified and qualified strength and conditioning specialists in the Kamloops and Okanagan region. All ages and both male and female athletes are welcome at Acceleration.

Greg and his Acceleration gym facility are also a Gymworks™ Program Community Partner with PacificSpsort Interior BC.  Gymworks™ is a growing and essential province-wide program offered by the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) Pacific and its partner PacificSport Centres. It is a partnership program created between gym facilities and CSI Pacific/PacificSport to provide free services to registered athletes and coaches. 

Greg has completed multiple degrees in exercise science and is certified by multiple exercise authorities in both Canada and the US. He is passionate about exercise physiology and about helping people reach their maximum physical potential.

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Fitness programs

The fitness programs offered at Acceleration are designed with you in mind. Whether you are looking for an all sports approach or for off season training for your hockey team, Acceleration will meet and exceed your needs for athletic training.

Find a program that is best for you – many different exercise programs adjusted to you.

Hockey Off Season
Specialized training for hockey athletes of all ages that focuses on endurance, strength, power, explosiveness and hypertrophy.



All Sports
From baseball to motocross racing, regardless of the sport you will find training at Acceleration that is personalised to your physical needs.