Robert Petrie and his F3Fit gym facility is a Gymworks™ Program Community Partner with PacificSpsort Interior BC.  Gymworks™ is a growing and essential province-wide program offered by the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) Pacific and its partner PacificSport Centres. It is a partnership program created between gym facilities and CSI Pacific/PacificSport to provide free services to registered athletes and coaches.

F3Fit trainers specialize in a wide variety of fitness categories; including on site or in-home personal training, private group training and team and sport specific training. 


Group fitness & Personal training

We offer no commitment sessions:
- Nutrition Consultation and Coaching 
- Fitness Test & Body Composition Assessment 
- The Fundamentals (3 Sessions)
- Individual Program Design 
- Goal Setting
- Health & Wellness Coaching

In-home and Corporate Training

Corporate training is a great way to support the health of your employees and gain better productivity and motivation.  Employees that live a healthy active lifestyle are less likely to take sick days, and are more productive throughout their work/personal schedules.  Whether as a group, or individual, train in the comfort of your workplace.

    - Team building Bootcamps & training sessions
    - 30 minute lunch time training
    - 1 hour gym program supervision
    - Development of individually tailored fitness programs
    - Monthly fitness assessments and progress analysis
    - 30 day fitness challenges


For more information, see the F3Fit website here.