We are a well established Speed Skating Club that has been in Kamloops for 25 years.

We are primarily a Short Track Speed Skating Club for youth. However, we have many successes in Long Track over the years. We are proud to maintain a successful and active reputation in our community and the speed skating community since being established in 1992. Our Club is inclusive and accessible to all ages as well as Special Olympic skaters. KLB has had about 50 skaters registered ranging from ages 5 to 55+, all bringing to the club diverse cultural backgrounds, gender and abilities. We also introduced the sport to over 100 kids and adults in our community through our Learn to Skate and Learn to Speed Skate sessions held annually.

For information on our programs contact our
Head Coach Sandi Vyse at 250-851-1481 or ilovespeedskating88@gmail.com