The IGNITE Athlete Development Program is a multi-sport fundamental athletic skills program built to develop athletes within the Train to Train (T2T) stage of the long term athlete development (LTAD) pathway.

The program targets eligible athletes [PDF] between the ages of 13-17 and introduces them to a high-performance lifestyle by improving their athleticism, physical literacy and fitness through a multi-sport training program which is complementary to their current sport-specific practice and competition schedules. The program was built by Canadian Sport Institute's strength and conditioning and physiology experts, all of whom have earned Master’s and Doctorate degrees in their respective fields.

Delivered by experienced specialists, the IGNITE curriculum helps athletes gain balance, strength, speed, agility, and power through training sessions focusing on three movement streams:

  • Gymnastics
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Athletics

Though intended as a two year program, for athletes to achieve maximum success and benefit from the training disciplines, IGNITE is offered one year at a time in two, five-month sessions.

  • Sessions: 2 x 90min sessions per week (Tues/Thurs, 6-8:30pm)
  • Location: Tournament Capital Centre, Kamloops
  • Fall Session: Sep-Feb; Winter Session: Feb - June


  • Program Value is $1500, with a $500 PacificSport Interior BC scholarship awarded to each successful applicant.
  • Cost: $100/month ($1000 for 10 month program)


Intake period is once annually for the start of the Winter Session (Feb); applications are accepted in the Fall/early New Year.

START OF THE FALL SESSION: Tuesday, Sept 19th, 2017

Register online by completing the e-form and submitting it to the Sport Performance Coordinator