Delivered by experienced specialists with the aim of building complete champions, the IGNITE curriculum helps athletes gain balance, strength, speed, agility, and power through training sessions focusing on three movement streams:

Strength & Conditioning:

  • Learn proper technique
  • Increase training efficiency
  • Decrease risk of injuryImprove strength and power
  • Perform bodyweight and barbell exercises


  • Control and manipulate the body
  • Develop kinesthetic awareness
  • Advanced mobility and landing skills
  • Preparation for unpredictable sporting situations



  • Prepare for efficient and powerful movement
  • Improve technique in movement patterns
  • Running, speed, agility, quickness
  • Balance, coordination, reaction time

Many of the training centres where the IGNITE Athlete Development Programs are held are also home to Canadian Olympians and World Champions.  IGNITE athletes will also benefit from nutritional workshops, mental performance skills sessions, guest speakers and regular physiological testing to benchmark progress.

Training Schedule & Evaluation Criteria