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The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a coach training and certification program offered in over 66 sports across Canada. The NCCP is a collaborative program of the government of Canada, provincial/territorial governments, national/provincial/territorial sport organizations, and the Coaching Association of Canada . For more information about the content of the courses or what course would be right for you please visit Coaches Association of BC .

These courses are eligible for reimbursement through our WCSG Coaching Legacy Grant .

Community Sport Courses Location   Date Time Online Course Reg # Link  Instructor
Field Testing Kit Certification  Kamloops TCC Room C Rescheduled TBA 9:00-1:00  224428 Marc Bowles
Introduction to Competition Modules  Location   Date Time Online Course Reg # Link   Instructor
Part A Kamloops TCC Room D Feb 1 & 2 8:30-4:30 220247 Brian
Olthuis/Glenn Armstrong
 Part B Kamloops TCC Room D Mar 29 & 30 8:30-4:30  220248 Glenn Armstrong/Brian Olthuis
Competition Development Modules
(*see below for course descriptions)
Location   Date Time Online Course Reg # Link   Instructor
Developing Athletic Abilities Kamloops TCC Room D Jan 25
Jan 26
220266  Merry Miller
Coaching/Leading Effectively  Kamloops TCC Room D Feb 21
Feb 22 
220486 Glenn Armstrong
Psychology of Performance Kamloops TCC Room D Mar 15 8:30-5:00 220485  Glenn Armstrong
Leading Drug Free Sport  Kamloops  Cancelled  Apr 12 1:00-4:30  224427  Merry Miller
Prevention and Recovery  Kamloops Cancelled  May 10 8:00-5:00  224413  Merry Miller


NCCP Course Descriptions

Fundamental Movement Skills (7 hours)
This one day course is for coaches, teachers, or leaders working with young children in a sport or recreational setting.  The goal of the workshop is to expose participants to a process that will teach and improve fundamental movement skills in children. The workshop consists of 12 units, each focusing on a specific aspect of teaching movement skills or on a specific movement skill.  The units give participants opportunities to assess and improve their teaching of fundamental movements skill as well as leadership skills such as activity delivery and effective communication. 

Introduction to Competition Modules 

Part A Workshop (14 hours) : Includes Introduction, Making Ethical Decisions, Planning a Practice, and Nutrition.

Part B Workshop (14 hours) : Includes Teaching and Learning, Design a Basic Sport Program, and Mental Skills.

Competition Development Modules
We offer each Competition Development module periodically throughout the year. Please check the grid above for a list of all currently programmed courses. Below are descriptions of all Competition Development modules. 
The Competition – Development context focuses on training coaches who are working with athletes who are in the training to train or training to compete stages of long-term athlete development.

Managing Conflict (4.5 hours) 
Coaches trained in Managing Conflict will be able to identify common sources of conflict in sport, as well as individuals and groups likely to find themselves in conflict situations. They will gain skills in taking steps to prevent and resolve conflict resulting from misinformation, miscommunication, or misunderstanding. They will also develop skills that empower them to listen and speak for themselves in conflict situations so as to maintain positive relationships with athletes, parents, officials, and other coaches. Modeling such behaviour by a coach is the basis for athletes to enhance emotional development and handle the conflict of national and/or international competition.

Prevention & Recovery (7.5 hours)

Coaches trained in Prevention & Recovery will be able to identify common injuries in your sport and develop appropriate prevention and recovery strategies to keep your athletes injury-free during training and competition; offer valuable information and guidance on hydration, nutrition and sleep as they relate to injury prevention; choose skills and drills that help athletes perform appropriate warm-ups and cool-downs; develop functional evaluations for an athlete’s return to play; implement recovery and regeneration techniques to help an athlete maintain or return to optimal performance post injury.
(7.5 hours classroom time - not including breaks)

Leading Drug-free Sport (3.5 hours)
The Leading Drug-free sport module focuses on the ability of the coach to apply the NCCP Ethical Decision-making Model to sport situations with ethical implications for drug-free sport. This is critical as their athletes at this context are competing at national events, national multi-sport games or beginning to compete internationally where drugtesting is probable. Application of the decision making process reinforces the coaches need to have knowledge of the consequences of using banned substances in sport. Coaches identify educational strategies that they can use to educate athletes about drug-testing protocols at major competitions and take greater responsibility for their sport values and actions.

Developing Athletic Abilities (9 hours)
Coaches trained in the Developing Athletic Abilities module will be able to implement general and sport-specific training protocols and methods to appropriately develop or maintain sport-specific athletic abilities. Coaches focus on applying training principles and variables to training methods that build an athletes’ fitness in endurance, strength and speed as a well sport specific conditioning. After completing the module coaches will also be able to select and adapt testing and training protocols and methods to athletes training from 6-9 to 9-12 times per week in single to triple periodization.

Coaching and Leading Effectively (8.5 hours)
The Coaching and Leading Effectively module focuses on coaches applying intervention techniques that enhance learning with the aim to improve athletes’ performance and to promote group and skill development. Coaches will learn how to promote a positive image of sport and model the image to athletes and those supporting their performance. The module provides coaches with a process that they can use to deliver clear messages and explanations when communicating with athletes and those supporting their performance. Coaches also identify opportunities to interact with all athletes and use feedback to improve and correct performance and behaviour.

Psychology of Performance (7 hours)
The Psychology of Performance module focuses on developing coaches’ ability to guide athletes through the building of advanced mental preparation skills and focusing skills. It provides coaches with tools to assist athletes in learning how to manage distractions and conduct visualization so they can prepare themselves technically and tactically for training and competitive conditions. The coaches gain knowledge and ideas on how to work with athletes or teams to identify appropriate outcome, performance, and process goals related to their ability to focus on performance. Coaches also gain debriefing skills that both they and athletes can apply to assist athletes in assessing their performance in training and in competition.


  • To register for any of the courses listed above please read the specific registration details listed under that course.
  • If you are having difficulties registering online for the course for any of the Kamloops EZReg courses, you can also register by phone with the City of Kamloops at 250-828-3500 or in person with a Customer Service Representative.
  • Some of the links may take you to an external website for registration. Please follow the registration directions on those links.

Western Canada Games Legacy Grant - NCCP Coach Certification Funding

Thank you to all who have applied and received funding. The 2011 Western Canada Summer Games Legacy Grant of $50,000 has been spent.  Please watch for the January 2014 Press Release. 

PacificSport Interior BC received $50,000 from the 2011 Western Canada Summer Games Society for coach certification support and the fund was designated for anyone living in PacificSport Interior BC's region as designated by the PacificSport Regional Map who wishes to take an NCCP Coaching Course. Individuals were reimbursed upon completion of the course or certification. The injection of financial support will help any person wanting to advance their knowledge in coach education. PacificSport has also assisted the Provincial Sport Organizations and Local Sport Organizations who wanted to have any NCCP Courses in the Interior BC region with this funding.

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