By Kamloops This Week
December 27, 2017

City high school basketball championships were decided at the Fulton and Company Cup last Friday at the Tournament Capital Centre.

In the senior boys’ division, the Westsyde Whundas downed the Sa-Hali Sabres 88-77. The South Kamloops Titans claimed the senior girls’ crown with a 68-35 victory over Westsyde.

In junior boys’ action, Westsyde knocked off South Kam 54-41 to place first. The Valleyview Vikings won the junior girls’ division with a 43-34 win over Sa-Hali.

Fulton and Company handed $300 bursaries to the MVP of each senior division and to one player from each senior team.

Spencer Ledoux (Westysde) was the senior boys’ MVP. Jarrett Larson (Sa-Hali), Nathan Strank (Westsyde), Jared Johnson (NorKam), Matt Belmond (Valleyview), James Bates (St. Ann’s) and Tyler Schilling (Barriere) earned bursaries.

In the senior girls’ division, Maddy Gobeil (South Kam) was named MVP. Gill Michell (Sa-Hali), Terri Teite (NorKam), Rhean Holling (Valleyview), Ella Loranger (St. Ann’s), Katherine Walkley (South Kam) and Kaylee Sauer (Westsyde) earned bursaries.

Tyrell Chadwick (Westsyde) was named MVP of the junior boys’ division. Mason Levausser (Sa-Hali), Devin Caldwell (Westsyde), Beau Kulak (Valleyview), Mike Hoffman (South Kam), Adam Firman (NorKam) and Jared Sucro (St. Ann’s) were granted free entry to the Red Devils Basketball Camp.

McKenna Reeves (Valleyview) was named MVP of the junior girls’ division. McKenna Arsenault (Sa-Hali), Cate Warton (Westsyde), Emma Trotta (Valleyview), Pyper Ansley (South Kam), Lindsay Mierau (NorKam) and Olivia Eccleston (St. Ann’s) earned free entry to the Red Devils Basketball Camp.

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Photo credit: Allen Douglas/KTW