“It’s bigger than just ski racing. It’s about kids being involved in sport, in physical activity and then also just being good people,” said Sun Peaks Alpine Club program director Montana Molyneux, who plans on moving on from the program at the end of this season.

Since 2013, Molyneux has been involved with the Racers as a U14 coach, head coach and eventually moved into the role of program director three years ago.

She worked over the years to increase athlete involvement, to continue competition at the FIS level and to develop the club’s culture. She will officially step back from the program in May to pursue a new opportunity with Fernie Alpine Ski Team.

“I’m leaving on a very positive note,” she said. “The club’s been insanely supportive of me over the last four years. As I’ve been leaving it’s only been even more positive and I think it’ll be an exciting next few years.I think we have a club that’s stable enough and confident enough and structured enough that it’ll run regardless of the next person that comes in.”

Molyneux will take on a coaching role in Fernie working with the U16 team, taking a step back from the administrative side of things and getting back to grassroots coaching.

“Sun Peaks will always have the support from me. I’m excited for them to go into a new chapter, but I’ve also told them I will be available to make sure everything runs well,” said Molyneux.

When she first joined the Sun Peaks Racers her goals included having more kids move on to competition, wanting the Nancy Greene program athletes to move onto U12, U14, U16 eventually to FIS competitions.

“There’s two things, really. The other one was just creating a culture of competitive ski racers while also keeping the club inclusive was a big one. Making sure we were offering programs for as many people as we could possibly could… and just build the club culture from within, that we’re a hard working, fun club that, like I said, wants to work hard but also just loves to ski,” she said.

Wanting to ignite a passion for the sport, she has dedicated her time to developing well-rounded athletes and coaches.

Molyneux along with some of her racers. Photo Supplied.

“I think it takes everyone to build a club that’s passionate and successful. It all comes down to understanding what we’re doing and why,” said Molyneux. “It all comes back to having kids love skiing and like ski racing and be passionate to be outside doing physical activity.”

Despite heading to another club in B.C. she said she will be supporting her Sun Peaks athletes and wants to see the club be successful.

“The longer you coach the more you realize it’s not just about the racing. You’ve actually made pretty unique connections with the athletes because you’ve been there, you coach long enough you see kids move through the system pretty well. I think it’s really exciting to just see any kids you ever work with grow into stronger people and stronger racers,” she said.

Molyneux will work closely with the Sun Peaks Alpine Club and BC Alpine to ensure whoever comes in as program director is trained and ready for next season.

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Montana Molyneux