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Max Rokosh is headed to Calgary, Alta. for the Red Bull Rocks & Logs Endurocross, one of the largest competitions of its kind, with a recent top-five finish under his belt from the Nicola Valley Bar Bender on June 17.  

The annual Rocks & Logs event is an obstacle course race which draws in 264 competitors from 10 classes to compete, this will be the first year Rokosh competes in the expert class.

Rokosh said he is feeling more confident after making the transition from the intermediate class at the beginning of the season. After a slow start to the season, Rokosh said he wasn’t expecting to finish as well as he did with a time of of 4:27:09 for fourth place.

“It was probably one of the toughest courses I’ve ever done,” he said. “It was really challenging just doing the entire thing was an accomplishment in its own.

“When I came across the first lap I realized I was in sixth place so I was pretty happy with that because I wasn’t expecting to even get that good. Throughout the entire next laps I passed a couple people so when I crossed the finish it was just a big sigh of relief it was finally over.”

Looking to maintain consistency throughout the season, Rokosh trains every chance he can get both in and out of the gym to prepare for both motocross and endurocross competitions. He said he favours the longer courses that let him break away from the pack and race on his own.

Rokosh will challenge himself again this weekend in the Red Bull Rocks & Logs endurocross, his largest competition of the season.


Max Rokosh