Sun Peaks Alpine Club’s new program director Wade Rettie is bringing a wealth of knowledge to the program with experience coaching alpine racers from as young as four years old all the way to masters for the past 38 years. Most recently he was an FIS coach in Banff, Alta.  

“A past racer, he also has over 20 years of coaching experience at various levels and is a Level 3 coach. We are looking forward to working with Wade and benefiting from his experience,” the Sun Peaks Alpine Club board of directors wrote in a statement sent to SPIN.

Despite his years of experience Rettie doesn’t anticipate he’ll take on a coaching role right away with the Racers.

“I’m going to be focused mainly on the program and trying to maintain the high standard that they’ve created. Hopefully, I get to do some coaching but I wouldn’t be so brash and say that I can right now,” said Rettie.

Rettie replaced former program director and coach Montana Molyneux and said he plans to continue her work of getting more athletes competing.

“I believe that competition is something that can benefit everyone. Whether your goal is to win, finish, improve your time difference to the leader, or to prove yourself that you can challenge a hill that seems overwhelming, competition is healthy,” he said. “As for organized competition, I think that is a focus that will be continued and structured to meet everyone’s needs.”

Coming into a new program, Rettie said his greatest strengths have been facilitating an environment for all to take advantage of regardless of their goals.

“By being open with the athletes and coaches about the goals and focuses for the day I have had some great success and buy into programming in the past,” said Rettie.

Rettie said he would like to keep the club’s momentum headed into next season.

“I am really looking forward to meeting all the folks that make a strong club and continuing with the progress that has been made in the past,” said Rettie.

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Wade Rettie Sun Peaks Alpine Club Program Director