A BC Winter Games volunteer bumped into 2002 BC Winter Games alumnus at Sun Peaks during Friday’s intense competition. Elli Terwiel, who was on Canada’s slalom team at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games, came back to her home hill for the weekend to assist, inspire and encourage young athletes. She shared her memories of 2002, why the BC Winter Games are so important and what might be next for her.

BC Winter Games: Elli, how does it feel to be back at your home mountain?
Elli Terwiel: It feels amazing! It’s a fantastic place. They have a great ski hill, great race hill and I think they did a great job today.

BCWG: Where are you at these days?
ET: I’m currently in Bend, Ore., working as a structural engineer.

BCWG: What brought you back to Sun Peaks this weekend, other than the BC Winter Games?
ET: (Elli’s dad yells, “Dad!’) My dad says dad! Ha-ha. It was a fantastic opportunity. I was asked to be the athlete ambassador. I personally came to the Games in 2002 [to compete], so being able to come back and give back to the Games that gave me so much when I was 12 was a really great opportunity.

BCWG: Do you feel there’s a bit of nostalgia happening while you’re here at the BC Games this weekend?
ET: Absolutely. It was kind of interesting timing because Kelsey Serwa, who was a teammate of mine in the Okanagan Zone at the BC Games just got a gold (at the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games), so it’s bringing back a lot of memories and thinking about the people who I shared the podium with and people who were my teammates here and how far we went after competing at the BC Games years ago.

BCWG: Last question: what are you doing these days?
ET: I’m mountain biking, I’m skiing, I’m working as a structural engineer and trying to enjoy life. Thinking about coming out of retirement, maybe . . .

BCWG: Oh really? So, will we possibly be seeing you again in another four years from now, in 2022 [Beijing Olympic Winter Games]?
ET: Total speculation at the moment, but I’m pretty inspired.

Elli Terweil

BC Winter Games Photo