July 21st, 2020


Tournament Capital Strength and Conditioning to join PacificSport Interior BC GymWorks™ Partners

Kamloops, BC - PacificSport Interior BC is proud to announce a new GymWorks™ partnership with Tournament Capital Strength and Conditioning.

Tournament Capital Strength and Conditioning will provide 25% off unlimited membership and 50% off punch cards to eligible registered PacificSport carded athletes and coaches.

Tournament Capital Strength and Conditioning owner and Coach Kent Aitchison discovered CrossFit in the summer of 2008 and at the time it revolutionized his approach to off-season training. Originally from Lethbridge Alberta, Kent competed in a number of sports growing up including basketball, football and swimming. He eventually specialized in swimming and swam varsity at the University of Alberta while studying in the faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation. He is currently a swimming coach with the Kamloops Classics Swim Club. Kent and his wife and co-owner Dr. Carlee Aitchison took over ownership of Tournament Capital Strength and Conditioning in 2018. During his time as a CrossFit coach, Kent has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients ranging from those just beginning their fitness journey to Olympians.

"I am extremely excited to have my business partner with PacificSport and the GymWorks™ program” Aitchison says. “I started coaching when I was 15 years old – supporting Youth Athletics is part of my DNA! I am thrilled that TCSC has an opportunity to further entangle itself with aspiring athletes in the Interior BC region.”

Executive Director of PacificSport Interior BC, Carolynn Boomer notes, “during these interesting times in our world we commend businesses that are still able to provide some support for our athletes and coaches with their training needs.  This support assists athletes on their performance pathway to be the best that they can be.”

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Erin Pincott

Sport Performance Coordinator

PacificSport Interior BC