Operation Red Nose is a designated driving campaign where a team of 3 volunteers drive you AND your vehicle home during the holiday season. The Kamloops Operation Red Nose campaign is hosted by PacificSport Interior BC in conjunction with ICBC, RCMP, CFJC-TV, CFJC Today, B-100 & 98.3 CIFM.

The service is by donation and is available to any person operating a motor vehicle who does not wish to drive their car for any reason. A person does not have to be drinking to use the service. Operation Red Nose is not a taxi service and is only available to drive people AND their vehicles home. The campaign relies soley on volunteers to keep the streets safe during the holiday season.

The donations raised from the campaign go to PacificSport Interior BC. All proceeds will go toward developing services and programs for amateur sport in the Kamloops region. PacificSport is a 'not for profit' society, and a legacy of the 1993 Canada Summer Games. Since starting in Kamloops in 1997, PacificSport has given almost $250,000 in athlete travel support, $30,000 in coach travel support and a variety of equipment bought to help support athletes and their training. PacificSport has 120 athletes and 33 local sport organizations.



Please contact our Operation Red Nose Coordinators with any questions.