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PacificSport Interior BC and the network of Canadian Sport Institutes and PacificSport Centres are committed to supporting athletes and coaches at every stage of the Canadian Sport For Life Spectrum . Innovative training programs, current and interactive seminars, workshops and conferences are presented by professionals in their respective field.  Sessions are designed to increase athletes knowledge in the areas of strength and conditioning, sport nutrition, mental training, and performance analysis.

Our sport performance workshops are open to athletes, coaches, parents and the general public. Workshops are FREE for Provincially nominated and registered IPS coaches and athletes.

**TO REGISTER FOR WORKSHOPS, call the City of Kamloops registration line at (250) 828-3500. or go to and reference the Course Title**


Sport Nutrition

No Nutrition workshops are scheduled yet; please stay tuned for updates!




Mental Training

COACHES, do you want to help your athletes achieve peak performances more reliably?

ATHLETES, have you ever lost precious time with your athletes because they were sidelined due to injury?

Then this workshop is for you.

In this two-part work shop you will learn to:

  • Reduce critical errors
  • Enhance performance
  • Prevent costly injuries
  • Manage internal & external distractions
  • Control physical & mental states
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Strengthen visualization & imagery
  • Improve team cohesion & communication
  • Coaches: earn 3 NCCP professional development credits for you locker



Friday April 12

6:00pm-7:30pm (athletes and



Saturday April 13

10:00am - 11:30am (athletes)

10:00am - 1:15pm (coaches)

COST: $50/Athlete, $75/Coach


To register, call: 250-837-9351 or email

Learn more about HeadStartPro at:


Strength & Conditioning

NCCP Pro-D Resistance Training Module - $90

This 4-hour dynamic and interactive introductory workshop will teach you how to prevent injuries and increase athlete performance through proven resistance training tools. After finishing this module, you will able to use resistance exercises that are appropriate to your athletes’ stage(s) of development to develop strength and be able to monitor athletes form and their training programs. *Coaches receive 5 NCCP Pro-De points toward certification maintenance on their transcripts*

Monday, May 13th, 2018
Location: Tournament Capital Centre
Register here or call (250) 828-3500.


Coach Education & General Interest

See above "HeadStartPro Coach and Athlete Mental Training Workshop" for details.




Other Training Seminars Available by Request:

  • Field Testing Kit Coach Training - 18+ yrs
  • Video Analysis and Dartfish Training - 18+ yrs

PLEASE NOTE: For groups of 10+ people, we can arrange a workshop for your organization.  Prices may vary depending on facilitator travel and fees:

  • $100 for a group of 8-12
  • $150 for a group of 12-15

For more information, or to book a workshop, contact Erin at or call 250-828-3583.