Registered Coaches are eligible for programs and support services as well as professional development and travel grants.

Coach Eligibility

Coaches qualify to be a "Registered Coach" in three ways:

  1. Be the designated "Regional Coach" by your Provincial/National Sport Organization and actively coaching a current PacificSport Nominated Targeted Athlete, AND must have NCCP accreditation in the old Levels 3 (minimum 3-4) or new NCCP Competition-Development context Trained (or equivalent)
  2. Be a currently enrolled ACD (Advanced Coaching Diploma) coach or an ACD (NCI-BC) alumni who remains actively coaching or involved in mentoring/training other coaches.
  3. Be designated as an IPS coach and receiving funding as a Provincial or Regional coach

Please contact the Sport Performance Coordinator if you are eligible to register, or for more information about how to become eligible.

If you have received a letter stating that you are eligbile, then please contact Sport Performance Coordinator to setup an intake meeting. This appointment will take approximately 30 minutes.  At this time you will receive your PacificSport Interior BC card.


Registered Coach Benefits

Registered coaches may access the following benefits within their designated Region:

  • Access to our PacificSport Interior BC Coach Travel Grant
  • Alignment with Athlete Services
  • Access to the FoodStuff & other Community Partner benefits & services
  • Performance Analysis Kits (DARTFISH, Digital Analysis)
  • Field Testing Kits
  • Performance Points and other coaching resources
  • Targeted professional development and NCCP education opportunities
  • Fee for Service access to Sport Science and Medical experts
  • Access to community and provincial partnerships (food, retail, hotel)