We are located within the Tournament Capital Centre in Kamloops, BC. Our suite is on the 2nd floor in the City of Kamloops Parks and Recreation administration offices. Enter the TCC through the main front doors, take the stairs/elevator to the second floor and continue straight ahead through the double glass doors.

PacificSport Interior BC                                
Tournament Capital Centre                        
910 McGill Rd                                                
Kamloops, BC                                                                           
V2C 6N6                                                          
Tel: (250) 828-3344                                     
Fax: (250) 828-3619

Carolynn Boomer | Executive Director 

(250) 828-3344 | cboomer@pacificsport.com  

Lexie Redl | Sport Participation Coordinator

(250) 828-3346 | lredl@pacificsport.com 

Erin Pincott | Sport Performance Coordinator 

(250) 828-3583 | epincott@pacificsport.com



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