Buddy Check for Jesse – Opening up Conversations about Mental Health


Coaches are in a unique position to share a message to their athletes about the importance of mental health. Buddy Check for Jesse is a program created in memory of Jesse Short-Gershman. It was developed for Coaches to deliver to their teams to help athletes feel supported and help them realize the importance of mental health. The idea is to create an environment where teammates support one another and are more aware of potential mental health issues so they are prepared to step in with support when they see a teammate, friend or family member struggling.

Buddy Check for Jesse ambassador Greg Gartrell will introduce participants to the Buddy Check for Jesse program, provide them with coach resources to speak to their athletes and teams about mental health.

Coaches will receive a coach tool kit as well as Buddy Check for Jesse swag to bring bag to their teams!


Date: Wednesday May 25th

Location: West Highlands Community Centre

Cost: FREE

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