Athlete Eligiblity

PacificSport Interior BC registers high performance athletes who have been identified in two different ways:

1. By their Provincial Sport Organization (PSO). The PSO should notify the athletes by letter or email, stating that they have met their sport specific criteria and are eligible to register with PacificSport. To find out more about each BC Provincial Sport Organizatoin's Eligibility criteria please click here.

2. By Sport Canada. If an athlete is receiving Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) Government Funding (usually this means an athlete is a Canadian National Team Member), then the athlete is immediately able to register with PacificSport Interior BC.

  • The registered athlete eligibility is for 1 full year, after which time you must re-qualify according to your sport criteria.
  • PSO's submit their eligible athlete nomination lists to Canadian Sport Institute Pacific once annually. 
  • Athletes are categorized in one of 4 ways, based on the high performance pathway in BC:
    - Podium
    - Canadian Elite
    - Canadian Development
    - Provincial Development

    If you have received a letter stating that you are eligbile, then please contact Sport Performance Coordinator to setup an intake meeting (30 mins). At this time the athlete will be given their PacificSport Interior BC card.

Registered Athlete Benefits:

Registered athletes may access the following benefits within their designated Region: